Alpilean Reviews (URGENT 2022 Customer Update!) You Won’t Believe This!

Alpilean is a dietary supplement designed to promote weight loss and increase the speed of your metabolism by focusing on core body temperature optimizatoin. The product was manufactured in the United States and launched recently in the year 2022.

URGENT 2022 Customer Update: There are countless Alpilean reviews online – many of which are completely fake, written by non-customers who are trying to snake-bite consumers by luring them into a trap of counterfeit diet pills disguised as the real Alpilean company. For this reason, every consumer needs to know the urgent December 2022 customer update for all Alpilean weight loss pill customers when reviewing the truth about Alpilean pills. But before making a purchase at the official website, the only place the doctor-led brand offers its’ authentically tested and formulated alpine ice hack supplement, it is time to see just how effective the Alpilean weight loss results can be for users from around the world as we vet the pros and cons, risks and rewards of this odd alpine ice hack formula. 

Why is Alpilean Buzzing? 

Alpilean is a dietary supplement designed to promote weight loss and increase the speed of your metabolism by focusing on core body temperature optimizatoin. The product was manufactured in the United States and launched recently in the year 2022. 

It was created in a domestic facility registered with the FDA. Alpilean is a diet product made with 6 natural, organic ingredients found both domestically and in foreign regions. It is certified by GMP for its safe and orderly practices. Though it is a newly made solution to dieting, it’s already making waves and garnering thousands of customers. 

Read our product review of Alpilean to learn more about the new weight loss pills and the benefits they may offer. Make sure to read all the way to the end of this Alpilean customer review as you won’t believe this startling fact about the controversy surrounding the Himalayan ice hack. 

The Idea Behind Alpilean and What it Does to Your Body 

In most cases, we chalk up extra body fat to a poor diet or low activity levels. While this can be true, we also know that a person’s metabolism can sometimes make losing weight more difficult. 

The inventors behind Alpilean were inspired to create the supplement after recent news shed light on previously unknown factors for people’s difficulty or inability to lose body weight. These studies were conducted over the past few years and suggest an interesting cause for obesity. 

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Researched Backed By Data 

Back in 2019 a research article was published linking body temperature and obesity. The study used data from over 4,000 participants and showed that there was a link between candidates’ internal temperature and their metabolic rate while at rest. 

To put it simply, overweight male and female participants tended to have lower-than-average body temperatures. The findings lead Alpilean founders to the conclusion that the warmer you are internally, the faster your metabolism will be. 

And even more recently, another research study came out that shows statistics proving that the inner body temperature of Americans has been decreasing over the years. Although the recorded data shows that this decrease is only about 0.03°C, it can be considered a significant change for our bodies that notice even the smallest of modifications. 

How Alpilean Works 

This simple fact can help determine just how hard losing weight will be for a person. When it seems like exercise and dieting aren’t enough, there may be an underlying factor, such as an unusually slow metabolism. 

That is the basis behind the creation of Alpilean, found at its website, a product that’s meant to help boost your metabolic rate by heating up your inner body temperature with natural ingredients. It aims to serve as a supplement to your everyday diet and is made with both men and women in mind. 

Each element of this supplement works to target cells in your internal organs and “wake them up” to increase the speed with which you burn through fat. 

The 6 Ingredients Found in Alpilean 

A total of 6 special ingredients go into each Alpilean capsule. These are lauded as being all-natural, plant-based, and non-GMO. The exact components used in this formula are sourced both in the country and from foreign sources. 

The capsules are also both soy-free and dairy-free. They consist of: 

  • Golden algae; 
  • Dika nut; 
  • Drumstick tree leaf; 
  • Bigarade orange; 
  • Ginger rhizome; 
  • Turmeric rhizome. 

Each of the ingredients selected has the ability to impact the body’s internal temperature, along with other health benefits

Golden Algae 

Golden algae can be found in fresh and saltwater sources, and they produce a yellow-orange pigment known as fucoxanthin. The algae, and specifically the fucoxanthin they contain, don’t have vitamin-based benefits, but they are very helpful in stimulating fat burning in cells by increasing the amount of energy the body uses. 

This ingredient has other health benefits as an antioxidant boost. It’s also good for liver and brain health and can have some anti-cancer effects on the body. 

Dika Nut 

The dika nut may be better known as the African mango seed. As the name suggests, this plant is a seed that comes from dika trees found in West Africa. They are edible and are also used as oil for consumption. 

It comes with many uses, but what we focus on are the health benefits that can be gained from the seed. The dika nut can serve as an antioxidant, helps with gastrointestinal activity, lowers cholesterol, and is useful for weight loss. 

Drumstick Tree Leaf 

Alternatively known as moringa leaf, the drumstick tree leaf can be found most commonly in India. It’s also widely cultivated in South Asia and Central America. The plant is harvested for its leaves and pods, most of which are used for extracting oil and purifying water. 

As for how it aids your health, the leaves are very anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C. It’s great for combating various conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It’s also been known to help with high blood pressure. 

Bigarade Orange 

Known by its scientific name citrus bioflavonoids, or by its more common name, bitter orange, this fruit is native to Southeast Asia. It’s gotten the name for its distinct sour flavor that has just a hint of bitterness to it. 

The bitter orange is used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of indigestion and other gastrointestinal disorders. It can also be used to prevent diabetes, promote weight loss, and reduce swelling. 

Ginger Rhizome 

Ginger is a plant whose rhizome, or root, is most known to others as a spice used for cooking and baking. It may be delicious, but it can be used for more than just curry and ginger ale. 

Ginger has been used in medicine for a very long time, with health benefits recorded throughout history. It’s helpful in improving your immune system and digestion, reducing pain and nausea, and keeping your muscles strong. Most importantly, it’s also used to aid both men and women in boosting their metabolism. 

Turmeric Rhizome 

Turmeric is another plant that’s used both in medicine and as a spice. Originally just native to India, it has become wildly popular and a kitchen staple in many households. 

The orange spice comes with many health benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to heart disease and cancer prevention. Tumeric also promotes healthier skin and, most importantly, helps in lowering your cholesterol and decreasing the amount of fat in your body. 

How Alpilean Is Meant to Be Used 

Alpilean comes packaged in 30 capsules per bottle that are meant for regular oral consumption. According to the website’s instructions, customers should take only one capsule a day for a period of at least 2 to 3 months. 

You are advised to take the pill alongside a glass of water during the day. It is not specified whether Alpilean should be taken in the morning or evening, nor whether it’s recommended that you eat something beforehand. As such, you can choose when exactly you take the supplement. 

To stay on track, it’s best to take an Alpilean capsule at around the same time of day. This way, you’re more likely to remember to do it each time. 

Product Design and Cost of Alpilean 

When it comes to design, the capsules come in a standard white bottle that most pills and supplements have. Wrapped around the bottle is a graphic design depicting the Alps and forests alongside the logo for Alpilean. 

On the other side of the bottle are instructions on how to take the supplement, a list of ingredients, and the nutritional benefits of each component in a small font. 

The cost of Alplean varies depending on whether you buy just 1 bottle, 3 bottles, or the 6 bottles package. Getting just one bottle will cost you $59 and supply you with enough capsules to last you a month – 30 days, to be exact. 

You can buy multiple bottles at once and get a discount price where you pay less for each individual one. There are two packages available for customers that allow them to buy 3 or 6 bottles at once. An advantage of buying the 6-bottle package is that it comes with free shipping for every purchase. 

Bonus Deals 

Bonus #1: This bonus is applicable if you order either 3 or 6 bottles of Alpilean. On the website, it is referred to as the “1-Day Kickstart Detox”. The deal comes with a guidebook over 40 pages long that includes dozens of tea recipes for detoxing the body. These are simple to make and help jumpstart your new weight loss regime. 

Bonus #2. This bonus is referred to as “Renew You” and is also given when you purchase 3 or 6 bottles of the supplement. Like the other deal, this package comes with a booklet that’s a guide with techniques and methods on how to positively improve your lifestyle. It also details how you can make your life more stress-free with better confidence. 

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Refund Policy 

Customers who are dissatisfied with the product can get their money back. Alpilean has a full refund policy that can be used within the first 60 days after your purchase. If at any moment you feel that Alpilean isn’t producing results as promised or you experience an adverse side effect, your order can be refunded. 

Cost and Time of Shipping 

The cost of shipping Alpilean to your destination is almost $18 for international orders and $10 for domestic orders. However, depending on your country of residence, you might also have to pay VAT, or value-added tax. As mentioned previously, shipping is free if you order the 6 Alpilean bottle package. 

Estimated shipping time depends on whether your delivery address is in North America or other locations. Those who live in either the US or Canada will have their bottles of Alpilean delivered within 5 to 6 business days. Meanwhile, those who live elsewhere will have to wait for 10 to 16 business days to receive their order. 

Customer Support 

While there is no live service offered on the official website, there is a way to contact customer support should you have any questions about Alpilean. Another reason to contact them is if you have encountered a problem with the product, service, or payment. 

Their customer service email address can be found by clicking on the Shipping tab near the bottom of the webpage. The address is, and you can write your email to the support with any inquiry you have. 

If you have the time, you can review the FAQs on the home page or read through the website’s terms and conditions page. It is usually there that you can find important information you might have otherwise resorted to writing to the support team. There are multiple links below to other pages regarding shipping, benefits, ingredients, and side effects. 

Side Effects and Health Risks 

People have many questions regarding products they’re going to buy, especially ingestible ones meant to be used as supplements. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds is what are the possible side effects? 

Any manufactured products developed to add nutrients to your diet, whether organic or synthetic, can produce different reactions in each person. This does depend a lot on whether the product advertised mentions exactly every element and component that goes into producing it. 

Alpilean is labeled as being produced with only natural plant-based ingredients, with no animal-derived or soy products to be found. Even so, everybody is unique. While the product may be free of common allergens and have no adverse effect on most people, it can be a different story for a particular individual. 

To be safe, you should always read the full ingredients list and consult with your doctor if you have any sensitivities or chronic conditions. 

Who Should Use Alpilean? 

Alpilean was made to work for both men and women and help them lose body fat in a safe and healthy way. The manufacturer requires that customers be at least 18 years old before deciding to use the supplement. Other than that, Alpilean is natural and safe for any regular healthy adult. 

Side Effects That May Occur 

As Alpilean capsules have neither soy, dairy, nor stimulants in them, they are considered relatively safe for consumption. The products are entirely organic, and each capsule has a standard amount that, when taken at the recommended dosage, should cause no negative bodily reaction. 

Before you consider taking the dietary supplement, you must consult your doctor and go over the list of ingredients with them. Your physician can better identify whether Alpilean is right for your weight loss regime. This is also crucial to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients before you try the product. 

Consultation is important not just in case of allergies but also to discuss compatibility between Alpilean and other medications you are on. If you have diet-related health disorders such as bulimia or anorexia, this supplement may not be right for your needs. 

Ultimately, you need to remember that a supplement means just that – an additive to an otherwise healthy diet, not a replacement for any essential nutrients. 

Why Should You Use Alpilean? 

Alpilean is designed to help those struggling with losing weight even when they exercise regularly and follow a healthy dietary regime. Its ingredients include extracts from root plants such as ginger and turmeric, algae, seeds, leaves, and bitter orange as part of its formula. 

Nothing synthetic goes into the capsules, and all they are meant to do is warm up your inner body temperature to speed up your metabolic rate. Doing so should lead to you safely losing more body fat naturally with no medical or surgical intervention. 


  • 100% natural and plant-based ingredients; 
  • Non-GMO; 
  • FDA-registered facility; 
  • Bonuses include helpful booklets and guides; 
  • Shipping is free for every 6 Alpilean bottle purchase; 


  • International shipping has an over 2 week estimated time of arrival; 
  • Bottles can only be purchased in packages of 1, 3, or 6; 
  • Some countries have high VAT rates; 
  • Results can take up to 6 months to develop. 

Customer Reviews 

On Alpilean’s website, there’s a section on the home page dedicated to customer reviews. There is also a subpage just for those reviews. The site regularly receives commentary and has accumulated thousands of opinions from consumers. 

Customers are, as a whole, quite satisfied with the product offered and their results, as Alpilean has an average rating of 4.92 stars based on their reviews. Many have reported losing dozens of pounds after 3 to 6 months of using the supplement on a daily recommended basis. 

Our Verdict on Alpilean 

After research and analysis of the dietary supplement called Alpilean, we have determined that it is a safe product that most readers can take. As long as you consult with a doctor and determine it is indeed the right additive to your diet. 

All the elements in the formula are organic, and after 3 to 6 months have passed, customers are almost certain to see some changes in their weight. If you’re not satisfied, then you can use the 60-day refund policy and get your money back. 

Alpilean is worth the try and can be quite beneficial to those who have a slow metabolism. You can find more details on the Alpilean website and order it at any time. 

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